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Terracotta raw natural TERRACRUDA STICK

Terracotta raw natural TERRACRUDA STICK

Terracotta raw natural TERRACRUDA STICK

Reference: TERRACRUDA STICK - STICK 6 (29.8x2.3cm)

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The TERRACRUDA collection finds its roots in TUSCANY, in valleys and rivers rich in clay. It is from this clay that the TERRACRUDA collection derives its distinctive color and superior technical performance. The treatment of the dried raw material includes brushing which cleans the material of extrusion marks and gives it its typical brushed cotto surface. The earth and water mixture after being degassed, extruded and shaped loses its natural moisture through a long air-drying process that can take up to 42 hours. The FIRE and the 72 hours of cooking at temperatures close to 1000 degrees forge the material and give it the character and resistance that make TERRACRUDA a unique product.

For installation and maintenance, we suggest that you lay the TERRACRUDA with a white cement glue and then apply a cement seal afterwards (and not an epoxy seal). After grouting, the surfaces must be cleaned with a cleaner for natural products, for example Pal4 (stone, cement or terracotta tiles). Be sure to remove all traces of sealant, adhesive or lime from the surface.
We recommend in any case to protect the surface with 2 to 3 coats of a water/oil repellent solution (for example the product Twins)
For normal and routine cleaning, we recommend that you use neutral detergents, for example Lantaclean or black soap or linseed oil.

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